Saturday, November 17, 2012

Don't Secede or Deport! Join The Other Side of Capitalism!

"Socialism for the socialists and capitalism for the capitalists."

Recently the news is carrying stories of some who are circulating petitions asking to secede from the U.S. and the reactions of others who oppose it, including petitions asking to deport those who sign secession petitions.

Secession petitions; petition to deport those who want to secede.

It seems unlikely that anyone will actually secede or be deported, but these activities illustrate the point that U.S. society is becoming less and less about freedom and diversity, but about social "oneness" (or unity) that is impossible to achieve -- and about which "oneness" will rule.

 On the other side, we are against this "oneness," but how can it be prevented?  Denial of resources is one tool of conflict, and fanatical unifiers use it all the time.  The European "austerity policies" are one example (at, we call them poverty policies).  At one time, starvation in Darfur was another example.  In the U.S.-style economy, there is what we might call "The Squeeze Play."  ( plans a blog post on the squeeze play when we have time.)

One way to prevent the unifiers from stuffing the rest of us into ever-smaller boxes is multiple exclusive currencies and the markets to go with them.  This is explained in other posts on, and it will help preserve freedom and diversity.  As we have started to say, "Socialism for the socialists and capitalism for the capitalists."  We can achieve this with multiple currencies.

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